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   Life: 60,000 hours
   Product size: 18*10cm
   Rated voltage: DC 5V 
   Nominal power: 5W
   Power cord length: 42.5 inches

Key Features:

UV Light Attraction: Many electric mosquito killers use UV light to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects. This light mimics the warmth and brightness of sunlight, which is attractive to mosquitoes.



Electric Grid: Once attracted to the light, mosquitoes come into contact with an electric grid or mesh that electrocutes them upon contact. This feature ensures effective extermination of mosquitoes without the need for chemicals or sprays.

Safety Features: Modern electric mosquito killers often come with safety features such as a protective outer grid or cage to prevent accidental contact with the electric grid, especially important in households with children or pets.

    Low Power Consumption: Energy-efficient models are designed to consume minimal electricity while effectively killing mosquitoes. This feature ensures that the device can be left running for extended periods without significantly impacting electricity bills.

    Easy to Clean: Removable trays or compartments make it easy to clean the device and dispose of dead insects. This feature ensures hassle-free maintenance and helps to keep the device operating efficiently.

    These features contribute to the effectiveness, convenience, and safety of electric mosquito killers, making them a popular choice for households and outdoor spaces.

    Why Choose Our Electric Mosquito Killer?

    • Modern design complements any living space.
    • Easy installation and user-friendly operation.
    • Provides a safe and chemical-free solution for mosquito control.
    • Silent and energy-efficient for uninterrupted use.

    Don't let mosquitoes ruin your comfort. Invest in our Electric Mosquito Killer for a reliable, efficient, and stylish solution to keep your surroundings bug-free.

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